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Video Length: 9min

Key Take-aways

- There are two sort of ways of doing a website: Personalized or using Platforms

- Personalising a website will get the website you want, but, whenever you need to change or improve your web, this will take 10 times more time and spending

- Platforms may take a tiny bit more, but you can add on so many things afterwards extremely easily (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Results, Mailchimp, and a lot more). I feel this is the best solution.

- What I recommend for now, for a budget friendly solution, use Shopify.

- If you have a little more budget for spending, I would do the following:

1. Personalise the checkout, don't use the default of shopify or the platform.

2. Instead of using the themes which are very code heavy, so try and create your own templates which are MOBILE FIRST - not just mobile friendly - (coding the page first for mobile and then have the CSS files that convert the page into desktop) so the load time of the page is super fast.

- When you do your website manage your content in the following manner:

1. Start with your catalogue aka your products and templates of your product page

2. Make the photos (video, too) and descriptions (remember your search engine optimisation for the product)

3. Put your products into different areas (they can overlap): Flowers (general), roses, peonies, lilium, tulips, sunflowers... Plants (general), plant arrangements, orchids, indoor... Occasions, Anniversary, Birthday flowers, Funeral, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day

4. Group your keywords for every specific landing pages.