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Video Length: 15min

Just because we all use social media does it mean that it's the best tool. We tend to think that just because we (the royal I) use it, it's the place to be.

The following link shows that social media has the worse conversion rate for sales.

Why? Compared to search, direct or email, which are active channels that people seek to buy, Social Media is passive. Ads or posts are shown without the person particularly looking for that information.

Social Media is a community building tool, and you can't push sales on a community. Creating a community will create a brand and segment.

It's all about engaging your community, that will then entice them to buy over time.

Yet, it's not just social media that will determine the sale. Once you're top of mind, your website has to sell, too. You need to create a website with the same feel, arrangements, flowers, values and price value that your community is willing to pay.

How do you create a social media ecommerce strategy?

How do you create a sellable web?

How do I find the right price my segment and community is willing to pay?

I'll answer these questions in my FREE eCommerce course:

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