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Summary of the vlog

As you know, selling is not infinte, it's finite: There is only a certain number of people in the market, obviously.

The most important, is that you should only cater to a segment of the population, those who fit your design, flowers and philosophy. Dont try and cater all.

80% of your sales comes from 20% of your customers.

You need to choose the right channels and those who sell the best. Online it's about the traffic sources - Search, Direct, Email and Social.

As you can see from this link, the best traffic is search traffic followed by direct traffic (straight to your website without search engines) and email. These three are active users, who intend to buy.

But it's not just the traffic that sells, so does your website. You need to create a userfriendly website that fits your segments through design, details and a good checkout.

How do you segment?

What are the good tools for search traffic and emails?

What is the best eCommerce strategy for email and Social Media?

What about the right price for selling online?

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