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  • The Essential Factor

    Photo Credit: Menno Kroon

    You’re a florist, and so am I. 

    Over the past years florists have struggled to make their business grow, and in the many conventions we’ve attended the mood is usually gloomy. To a simple question like “How’s your business going?”, the answer one hears lately is “well, yeah, chugging along, paying the bills.”

  • Plan your Flower Shop's Crisis: cash flow

    An economic crisis can occur at any time and completely alter our business. This can come in the form of an external crisis, such as the COVID crisis, or an economic crisis, like 2008.

    But a crisis can also come within your own business. All of a sudden you may have to close, or business, because of a decision, has reduced considerably.

    At the moment, this post has been drafted during the 2020 COVID crisis. 

  • How can we become a leaner and meaner floral business?

    Trim your business to make it light and effective

    What is a crisis? A crisis, as defined by the dictionary, is a stage in a sequence of events at which of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined. It is a turning point of decisive change.

  • Marketing For Florists During a Recession

    One of the most important cost-cutting measures during times of crisis is, wrongfully, applied to the marketing budget. It is usually done as an immediate response because nobody is buying and the returns on any advertising costs are not visible. But history has proven this line of thought wrong.

  • The Key Factor In Florist Marketing

    The key factor when creating a successful florist marketing concept begins with the letter “P”. But what are we referring to? Price? Product? Plants? Pots? Those are all important elements within the flower business, yet they are not the key factor we’re after.

  • The Florist Marketing Concept

    If you’ve landed here, it’s because you’ve asked yourself “as a business, how can I drive sales?” As we mentioned in The Essential Factor, the world has changed. Over the past decade, florists’ margins and customer footfall have been squeezed dry. To fix these current issues, the obvious answer is to develop the most effective marketing for your floral business.

  • The Digital Florist Strategy for eCommerce - Tips and Tools

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  • Question 1: How do we Segment our Customers?


    Video length: 4min

  • Question 2: What is your ideal price?


    Video Length: 12min

  • Question 3: Where do I start with my Web on a budget?


    Video Length: 9min

    Key Take-aways