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About Mike

About Mike the Florist

Meet Mike. Florist. Internet Junkie. A cheesy grin and a friend.

Curious. Passionate. Strategist. Research. Internet Nerd. Florist.

On the weekdays and wedding season most weekends, just your typical florist business owner armed with a knife, scissors, a keyboard, and a somewhat cracked computer screen. Oh, and my iPhone.

It’s been almost 8 generations my family has been in the flower business. Let’s just say we’re well rooted into this sector, and we know the ins and outs.

And on the weekend, weather permitting,  a fly fisherman.

I am:

Have Been:

  • Director of for Florint, the International Florist Organisation.


  • Fleurop Oskar Rahloff Prize 2016


About Mike the Florist

Obviously, Mike is me. The Florist is what I became since completely flower school in Barcelona before setting off to university in the UK.

I’ve been part of the world of floristry for many years, since 1983 when I was born. Although I’ve deviating a little to see what else was out there, I’ve always come back for buds. I’ve been part of the family business and been part of our family  of florists for a long time. Being part of a family florist business, I’ve been able to understand the problems and opportunities of florists.

As former director for Florint, the International Florist Organisation, I had the incredible opportunity to see the bigger picture, understand the success, failures, strengths and weaknesses of florists worldwide, and try to piece together a working framework for florists to flourish.

But what I’ve realized is that today’s floral business world has only scratched the surface of the opportunities present in the online world. My experience with the company’s website and learning from the problems of other florists world-wide in Florint has allowed me to be able to experience the troubles many florists can’t find and can’t understand. But, through my experience, various sleepiness nights and sour faces, I want to share my knowledge on how to get to the results local florists need from the internet to become successful and follow this up with a good business strategy.

This website is born to try and gel who I am as a florist and help the florist community grow their own business online and strategically by shacking down and learning the essentials for you to walk and let yourself run afterwards.

I want florists to be able to show their talent, connect the right dots, and put together those missing pieces in their puzzle to become great.

Mike The Florist is my personal dedication to you, the florist, to find the result in the balancing equation of floral art and business within an understandable traditional and digital florist strategy that we can all learn and succeed.


Because it's not just me