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  • Business Strategies for Florists
    In today’s Digital world.
    Learn, build, sell and flourish

Do you know what’s the essential factor in becoming a successful florist?

The world of internet is complicated and techy.
The world of floristry, unique and artistic. 
Lets make it work for you and in your limited time. 

How can a florist compete and win in one of the most competitive markets on the internet?

Over the past years I've been able to triple the income on our florist website. Learn the tricks that work and go around the Goliaths in simple to undestand ways that suite you, your floristry, and your precious time. 

Market Insights

One of the most important factors in any business decision for the future is based on data and insights. We will look at the data of the market and dissect what the outcomes mean for florists and the floral business.



We lose sight of the big picture with the smaller, day-to-day issues at the flower shop. And a sound and steady strategy is a sought-after goal for any business. We’ll look at how to develop digital strategies and implement them efficiently.


Today there are about 7.000+ online tools that will help streamline your business, reduce your precious time, and create an even better business, both online and conventional. We’ll look at the best tools that can streamline your florist business.

Video Tutorials

This website is not designed to be a blog, but rather a useful resource for all of florists. In order to understand the insights, strategies and tools, I’ve created video tutorials so you can easily learn at home or on your lunch break!


What Other Says About Mike

How can Mike help me grow my business in today’s digital world?

Social Media, Websites, emails, clients, EPOS systems, weddings, day-to-day arrangements, making money, profits, payouts, making the end of the month. Sound familiar? Mike was born into the business, and is the 8th generation florist.

Once back from a side-trip in non-floral sectors, he came back during the Great Crisis, and he, just like you, has seen the same problems as you: making ends meet and pick up the business during that time period in a country stricken hardly: Spain. After the crisis one of the main issues was making ends meet, and which way to head to make a profit. On the one side, the aftermath of the crisis saw business slide downhill for high street florists as big internet companies took off and with them many clients.

On the other hand, florists sought refuge in events, creating an even greater competition amongst them. And to add to all he needed to fit an 80 year old high-street business into a new digital marketing and business model that the flower shop needed to embrace or die. Through his experience in his own family-run business, we wants to show you what has worked following many trial and errors on the  way. Join our community of florists, share experience, and lets learn together!

About Mike

Turning around is not overwhelming; it’s about taking the right steps.